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Secure Lava Gel to your ride with the Lava Bike Mount. Keep yourself hydrated with a 27oz HydraShot™ sport bottle, fits all bottle cages.

Blast the slopes carrying your gels and chap stick with our T-2 clip on Holster or carry your 20oz. of H20, Gels, Phone, Etc.. with our T-2 Belt.

Rip the Waves, Shred The faces,, Crank the Turns, and Tear across, We're There Only with Lava Gel.

Secure 700 calories of Lava Gel with the V-Flask, This 7oz. flask Velcro fastens to water craft with special 3M adhesives. Our Lava single and eruption-2 supports paddlers energy gel. (Out of Stock)

Keep pouches or flasks of Lava Gel ready on the sidelines with your water. Consume 1-2oz every 60 minutes followed by 8-16oz water in regular intervals ensures your muscles have the extra fuel and hydration needed for sports.

Carry you fluids with our Lava Belt. 1-4 flask designs to fit your personal needs.



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