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The Lava Story
The Lava story goes back to 1983 when founder Kelmer Beck began training in Hawaii through the Kona Lava fields for the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. With no nutritional products available at the time. Kel and his training partners started thinking outside the box to fuel there engines for this amazing new sport of Triathlon. 

From trail and error testing they found mixing complex carbohydrate powders with small amounts of water would make a thick gel like substance. While exercising this gel would be sipped at 10-20 minute intervals followed with ample amounts of water after consumption.  “Keahou Kona Triathlon 1983-85”   This nutritional invention would be classed as the product we all know as ENERGY GEL today.  Not until 1987 did Leppin squeezy sachets come to the marketplace. (origin) "South Africa". Developed by Dr. Timothy Nokes exercise physiologist.


After 20 years of globe trotting as a Triathlete including 15 Ironman competitions,    Kelmer's life experience provided the hands on knowledge required to develop premium nutritional products fueling sustained balanced energy.  Released to the marketplace in 2003, Lava Energy Gel was born. Manufactured with a unique proprietary complex carbohydrate blend, electrolyte enriched with balanced natural tropical flavors. “ Made in Hawaii ”


Lava Sports brought the next generation energy gel to the marketplace. Lava Gel is delicious, goes down easy, is not too sweet  and electrolyte enriched with extra sodium and potassium phosphate for improved performance.

Problems with muscle cramping, lactic acid build up or heat exhaustion in sport or life, Try our Lava Salts Buffered Electrolyte capsules,   Lava Salts, the gold standard in electrolyte nutrition for athletes throughout the globe.


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